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Now that I’ve given you two updates about everything that’s been going on in the Owczarek Household…and for the most part, all good news…I think now would be the perfect time to tell you that I’ve decided to let Donna And The Dogs expire. I’ve drafted this post several times over the past few months, deleted it, and then drafted it again. Although making the decision was a struggle, between our new business venture taking up more of my already limited time, and me having had a recent scare with my health that, among other things, made me take note of my priorities in life…I think it is time to say goodbye to blogging.


Most of my regular readers probably aren’t surprised anyway, not when you look at how many time I’ve went on “hiatus” over the past year. My heart just is not in it anymore, and it was only a matter of time before my brain caught on to that fact…


But I had doubts to work through.


First, I didn’t want to leave any of you hanging, just wondering if everything was okay with me, my family, my life, and (of course) your favorite four-leggers. Not after you’ve been following along with us for so long, and not after the miserable year we had last year! But now that I’ve brought you to a point when things are in fact going well, and life is finally starting to turn around for us, I can no longer use that as an excuse for hanging on to this blog.


That wasn’t the only reason it has taken me so long to make my decision. You see–I wanted to make a difference.


When I first started out blogging, I had this memoir I had written, about how I spent so much time trying to turn my dog (Toby) into something he wasn’t that I was blinded to the fact that my goal was making both me and my dog miserable–and I wanted to share that story with the world. I hoped it would one day prevent other dog owners from making the same mistake as me…


Instead, I repeated the mistake, by trying to make myself into the blogger I was never meant to be.


Part of the problem with letting go was that I was agonizing over that whole “platform” thing. Platform…a writer’s worst nightmare–yet something every writer needs if you want a publisher to take notice of you. At least, that’s what I’ve been told.


Especially when you’re writing non-fiction, like my book about Toby.


But I’ve finally given up on the idea of getting my memoir published, deciding it’s better off “trunked” as they say, for me to enjoy, (or burn), or whatever. Instead, I’ve refocused on my original passion…fiction. And now that I’ve finally made a decision about which direction to take that fiction in, (and have what I believe is a good idea that I want to run with), I think I would be better off using what little time I have left in my schedule to actually write those novels that I know I have in me, rather than using it to write blog posts. Besides, those publishers aren’t going to publish anything of mine if all I have for them is a couple of trunked manuscripts and several years’ worth of blog posts. I need to be working on something new.


Lastly, I *thought* I might have found a new reason for keeping this blog going and had ideas about revamping the thing, giving it a makeover. I thought I might get a sense of purpose by writing about my experiences since I got sick. About all I’ve learned about diet and nutrition, about trying to fight stress, about being thankful for the little things, about the benefits of light exercise and sunlight.


About how I fought Crohn’s (or something like it) and won…


But, there are scores of blogs out there like that, writing about what’s wrong with our food system today, writing about ways to make yourself well, writing about fighting debilitating diseases–and most of them are much more convincing than my writing will ever be. Creative I am, but persuasive? That will never be me. Besides, no one even knows for sure that I had Crohn’s (not even my doctor!) AND I’m not really sure which of the many things I tried actually helped me get well…so how can I write with passion about something that has left me more perplexed than anything else?


So, no, I don’t think I’ll re-purpose the blog. I think, I’ll just let it go. I don’t want to be “that” series, the show that went on one season too long. Sometimes, you just have to say, enough. And that time, for me, is now.


The good thing though, is that, unlike a tv series, this is not “the end.” You’ll still be able to find me on the internet…


If you’ve been following my blog because you do enjoy my writing, and you hope to read more from me someday, I invite you to subscribe to the news feed on my author’s website, which you can do by clicking HERE (or you can opt for an email subscription by clicking HERE). I’d love to one day be able to send you a short post announcing the publication of my first novel, or another story I managed to get published.


And if you’ve been following me because you just can’t get enough of your favorite four-leggers…Leah, Toby, and Meadow…then you can always connect with me via Facebook. I’m there pretty often, and with my unique name, I’m easy to find. Send me a friend request, and I’d be happy to keep you up to date on the pups (and me) in that manner. I already keep in touch with several of the great friends that I met through blogging this way, and will be thankful to have that medium to keep up with them (and their four-legged friends) now that my blogging days are behind me.


As for this blog, I intend to leave it up until it expires. I find a lot of people come here searching for info on mast cell tumors because of my experiences with Meadow. If you found this post in that manner, please know that you’re always welcome to email me with any questions you might have. I’m always happy to share my experiences, especially if I can help you in any way, or just to give you a shoulder to lean on. Canine cancer is never easy…why go through it alone?


Lastly, before I sign off for good, I wanted to thank Leslie Olyott, formerly of Bringing of Bella, and Kristine Tonks, formerly of Rescued Insanity. Both of you gals have inspired me to finally listen to what my heart has been whispering (screaming?) in my ear for some time now. May you both achieve all of your own lifelong dreams…and have that much more time to enjoy them in.


Me, I’ll be pursuing my own passions: Reading, Writing, and Dogs.

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